Welcome to the 2006 Angel Card Project!

Every year lots and lots of folks come together to spread a little holiday cheer to those who need it. We join together and all send Holiday cards to the less fortunate, sick, elderly, lonely, and those who just generally need a good cheering up! Many of the people who receive cards from this project might not otherwise have anything to make them smile during the holiday season.This can even include Military Individuals! So we send them Christmas Cards to put a smile on their faces and a nice warm feeling in their heart. This is strictly a VOLUNTEER project and no money is made from doing this. I host it every year to give folks an opportunity to give a little something back at christmas time to folks who deserve it.

Any questions concering the project should be submited to me and I will answer you back as soon as I have a chance. You can Email me HERE!

2006 Guidelines


1. This is strictly a volunteer project. If you sign up, you are doing it because you have a good heart. :o)

2. You may send out a card to one person or all persons. It's entirely up to you! There is no set number of cards for you to send out. Just do so as you are able and as your heart leads you.

3. This project is designed for CARDS to be sent to those on the list. Nothing else is required. ONLY CARDS. If you chose to send other items such as gifts, ect, please remember that you do so on your own accord and it is not part of this Angel Project. I know that at this time of year there are so many with tender hearts and they want to do more. But remember that these are coming from you, who are a stranger, to the Special people we are trying to help. So we don't want to overwhelm them too much nor cause them any alarm. So I would strongly urge that you stick to just cards!!

4. You may address your cards from and sign them from yourself or you can say they are from Santa, a secret angel, ect. That one is up to you. In the past, a lot of folks have sent them saying they are from the North Pole. :o)

5. Please remember to be RESPECTFUL. This is a project to bring cheer. So remember that when you are sending out cards.



To Request a Person to Receive Cards:

ALL Requests MUST be submited to me by Dec.6th.

If you would like to request a person to receive Christmas Cards from the special angels who volunteer to send out cards every year, then this is the place to place that request. PLEASE be sure to include ALL of the information if you are able. It just helps folks know a little about the person they are sending cards to. Some folks prefer to send cards to elderly folks, some prefer kids, ect....so it just helps when I am compiling the list.

ALL Requests are included and never turned down!!

1. This will be done through EMAIL so be sure your email is ready to use. When you click the link below, it will automatically open an email to send to me. So if you are using a different browser that won't open your email, copy and paste this webpage link into your correct browser.

**2. In your email to me I need the following information:**

A. Persons FIRST and LAST name

B. Their Mailing address

C. A brief description of why you would like folks to send them cards

D. Their gender and age if you have it. (this just helps to distinguish between kids and adults)

E. YOUR NAME ( I must have your first and last name and what relation you are to each person you are submitting for. If this info is not included, it will not be included.)

I have to cut and paste each entry into a webpage database from the email you submit to me, so please make sure it follows the format below that I did as an example for you:

John Person
123 Mainline Street
Peri, New York 45784

Age 35 – male

John has been very sick this year and could use some cheering up.

Bill Tobbler - father

A Special Note about children under the age of 18:

If you are submitting the name or names of a child or children under the age of 18, you MUST include the parents first and last name as well and specify in your email who the parents are. I need to send a letter to the parents first before we can include the child.


If you are requesting for multiple individuals in a family (such as children in the family) you only need to give me the address once. Just be sure to include all names and ages if possible.

The list of the individuals that we are sending cards to will be posted on a webpage here through my site. The site link will ONLY be given to the volunteers who are sending cards and will be removed right after the project ends. I am having to do it that way this year because of email issues with last years project.





Here is how this works for Volunteers:

1. Email me To sign up to be a Card Angel

2. On or around the Weekend of December 8th, 2006, I will send an email to all of the volunteers who sign up to be Card Angels.

3. In that email, there will be a link for you to access that will have the names, address and stories of all of the people that we will be sending cards to this year.

4. You can print that list if you would like. Once you have the list, then you get your Christmas Cards from a store or make them yourselves (which can be fun!).

5. You fill them out however you would like, address them, put them in the mail, and YAY!!! You've just touched someone's life in a very positive way! :o)





You Must sign up by Dec.6th. to be included!

The list will be emailed to all volunteers on the weekend of December 8th.

If you would like to sign up to be a "Card Angel", in other words, to volunteer to send some cards out then this is the place to sign up!! This one is simple. You will just send me an email from the link below and I will add your name to the list. Once the completed list is ready, I will email you with the link to the list and you can begin your holiday cheer!!!

You can send out a card to one person on the list or you can send a card to all of the individuals on the list. It's up to you!

This is a GREAT project to get your kids involved with. Children love to send cards and they can be creative and decorate them, color them, ect!!




The list below are websites who have been very generous in helping the project this year. They have added a link to the project on their website. In exchange for that, we have added a link back to their sites here. Please visit their websites and shop with those that are business owners as a way of saying THANK YOU!

If you would like for us to advertise your website here and you are willing to put a link to us on your website through the duration of the project, we would be happy to do that. It doesn't have to be a business website. It can be your personal website. Just remember that it needs to be family friendly and we will review it before approving the link exchange. To go ahead and add a logo to your website you can click here to get the logo's.

Just email me HERE if you are going to add a link


This is a great website where you can get little pocket sized scripture books. Each one is the Gospel of John, found in the Bible. You can get 30 or more of these a month for a small shipping fee. If you can't afford the shipping, you can apply for a scholarship and they will send them to you free. That is made possible by folks who donate to them. I use these to put in every package I send out when I sell something. They are a great witnessing tool!

Please click on the picture above and sign up. It's free to sign up. Plus when you sign up, even if you don't get the gospels, I get a referal. :o)


Special Contest

This year we are hosting a special contest for all of the visitors to the website. On select sites of our sponsors, there will be a special logo hidden on a page on each site. If you search each site and find the logo, then you can click it and it will take you to a special link where you can register to win a neat prize.

Below you will find the links to all of the websites that participated in this years project. Each one that is participating in the contest will have "CONTEST PARTICIPANT" at the end of the description of their site.

This is the logo that you will want to look for:

Only ONE regular entry per person and only ONE Triple entry per person please!


Find the triple bonus Link and get an additional THREE entries!

Somewhere on this site is a special link. When you click it you will find a page that will give you three extra entries into the prize drawing. So click those links because ya never know which one it will be! It will change randomly!


One lucky winner will receive this wonderful Hardback Edition of the John MacArthur Study Bible

There will be other neat prizes to win as well!

Poly Club Past Content

Hand Knitted Scarf

$25 Gift Certificate to Quilt Shop

Tea Towels

Quilt Pattern




No purchase necessary on any site. Contest for United States Residents only. One winner will be randomly drawn from all of the entries per prize. Only ONE entry per person. Duplicate entries will be discarded. Only one tripple bonus as well per person. Contest ends at Midnight, December 7th, 2006.


Host site of the Angel Project. Lots of Fabrics, Fat Quarters, craft supplies, doll supplies, books and bargins to be found!

Himstedt Dolls - Cinderalla, Mithi, Marcy and Hanni also on sale this week!



Parents Grieving Children of Suicide - Great website if you have lost a child to suicide. They also have a yahoogroup for support.


I Luv Dolls - This is a wonderful doll site by Jody. She has got some really neat creations and is a wonderful artist. She also made our main header logo this year. :o) Please visit her site.

Crafting for a Cause - If you love crafting and helping others you've found a home at Crafting for a Cause! Your special talent can help someone in need!


Simply Sharons - Great little blog site of one of our group members. She has got some great pictures of some neat crochet items she does as well. She is very talented so be sure to check out her site.

The Treadlers Village - Great site with lots of sewing machines, machine parts, patterns, manuals and more!


Bhectms Coupon Trading - Neat website run by Heidi for coupon trading, ect. She also deals with UPC's, Labels for Education, ect. If you love clipping grocery coupons, please visit her site.


Kimmys Jemstar Fashions - Great little website if you love Jemstar dolls. She does neat fashions for them.

Judy's Stuff - A great site if you need machine embroidery or quilting done for you. She has some neat doggie coats on her site.

Magnet Mania - My name is Amy, and I make the adorable magnets you'll find here on Magnet Mania. I make magnets for holidays, themes, characters, hobbies, etc. The magnets are made from fabric, and are washable if you pull the magnetic piece off the back.


Mommy's MarketPlace - We offer hand knit items for you and your family. From shawls to purses and so much more. Each item is hand knit at the time you place your order so please allow 2-3 weeks until it is shipped

Quilts By Kos - Quilts by Kos designs a wide variety of patterns. Patterns are available as a paper pattern mailed to you, or you can choose to receive your pattens in pdf form and emailed to you. Patterns for beginners and for more experienced quilters as well as applique, hand embroidery, and pieced patterns are available.


Always Fun Christmas - Another neat little homepage site by Sara. It has a lot of cute christmas graphics on it.
Smiling Stitches - Manually digitized embroidery designs and custom digitizing..

Home of Jenn Kliem - I am a conservative Christian woman who practices head-covering and modest (though not plain) dress. I am a stay-at-home wife and mother, though I work part-time from home doing web and graphics design.


Everything Makes Scents - Home of Gourders' Delight all natural hand creams with Shea Butter


Carmellas Place - Hello my name is Carmella Dunkin, I am a Christian and I love to sing Christian music, and work in the Theatre. This site is about some of the things I love in life, God, my Family, Music, drama, arts and crafts, especially gourds and jewelry.

Heidi's Designs - Great website if you love machine embroidery. She has got some really cute designs and they are reasonably priced. Stop by and give her a visit.


The Dunkin Academy - welcome to The Dunkin Academy! I started this web site to help document our families journey through home school and to help other Home Schooling family's. You will find information on Home Schooling laws, (for all States) different curriculums, and lots of fun stuff for the kids, toys, books, software, and movies.



Image generously donated by Jodi of WeloveHimstedt


The Free Shoppe - Super great website if you love to find freebies on the internet. I've known bev for years and she runs a great website and also has a yahoogroup you can join to get daily freebies and find out which sites are having the latest sweepstakes.


Stitchedfouru.com - Looking for Special, Personalized, Custom gifts for yourself or someone else? Need it in a hurry?Custom Checkbook covers, Clocks &Glass lights


Golden Rose Vintage Dolls - This site is dedicated to Boomers who are revisiting those happy years of Revlons and Tonis, Cissys and Margies. If you can't remember who she was or what she wore, we'll be documenting our collections and others.

HillBilly's Corner - This site is so neat. She is a rep for Stuff A Friend (where you can order stuffed animals you stuff yourself), MaryKay, Tupperware and more!


EMS Designs - This is a great site if you love machine embroidery designs. She has some really nice one's and I know she will appreciate you visiting.


Carmella Mae Originals - Beautiful Hand Made Jewelry of all kinds.

Just Imagine Dolls - We specialize in Original Limited Edition Collector dolls crafted by World renowned Artists.


Homepage of Kelly Harbert - Neat little myspace website of kellys. She has a lot of links to country music stars myspace sites, so if you like country music, you might like to visit her page.
Kea's Closet - Here you will find boutique quality items made by me. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Happy Shopping! Kelly

Quilted To A Tea - Specializing in unique handcrafted quilts and distinctive gifts for lovers of quilts, tea and chocolate.


Always Fun - Just a neat little homepage website by Sara. Has some neat graphics on it.
Magikandy Wrappers - Personalized party favors and other supplies. She makes some really neat candy wrappers and can add any photo you want to them. She does these for weddings, showers, ect. Very neat!
Pumpkin Babies - Cloth diapers, covers, slings, baby items and more!

Poly Clay Play - Welcome to our Polymer Clay site offering
Tools, Techniques, Books and our Poly Clay Play Club.


Sweet Freesia - Beauty supplies, perfume, decor and gifts!


The Spider's Web - Fabric and Quilt Shop. The site has a lot of nice fabrics, notions, ect.
KL Originals - Has a lot of nice doll clothes and accessories for a variety of different dolls.

Sweet Sensations Embroidery - Another great website for those who love machine embroidery. They have lots of neat things on their site and also have a yahoogroup that you can join to find the lastest designs.


Cozy Scents - Our company is based on natural body care products that are for daily use.
Marlo Quinn - We custom make our skin and body line using bases developed from a formulator that supplies the cosmetic/personal care world with the highest quality naturally derived commodities.They are offering a 15% discount on any orders placed through this link Use code 157795 at checkout.

My QT Designs - We would like to introduce you to a large variety of One of a Kind Dolls, Quilts, Gifts and home made products designed to take your breath away!


Rachels Doll Accesories Sales - This is a picture trail album by rachel who is selling some neat doll items. Please visit her page and email her if you see anything you like.

Digitizing Diva - Great little website if you love machine embroidery. They have got designs of all kinds so if you love to work with the newest crazy of machine embroidery, visit their site.


The Little Pillow - Personalized pillows and afghans. And they are too cute!

Wendy's Modest Dress - Bringing headcoverings and modest clothing to the world for the glory of the Lord.


Sweet Creations - Wonderful site with absolutely stunning doll clothes for Kitty Collier, Tyler Wentworth, ect.


Laura's Little Tykes Childcare - This site has info on child care in her home if you are near Camp Douglas.




Image generously donated by Wanda


Little Bits of Good 2006 Christmas Project

This is a project that is being sponsored by Jodi from the We Love Himstedts group. She is hosting a volunteer program that is going to help families in need for christmas. Each family will need a sponsor for the holidays who will buy them christmas gifts as they will not have a christmas this year otherwise.

If you are interested in helping out a family, please click on the picture to the left and it will take you to her site.


Families In Need

This is a project that is hosted by one of the ladies in a group I run. It's a project where you can host a family for christmas and provide the gifts for them. It's a volunteer project like the one above. It's a good project so visit her page if you get a chance.





This list is of yahoogroups who participated in the Angel Card Project this year. Please stop by their groups and consider joining. The owners would love to have you as new members.

**If you JOIN any of the groups below, Please let them know it's because you saw their group on the Angel Card Project Site!!**

If you own a YahooGroup and you would like for us to add a link here to your group, Please contact us and give us the NAME of your group as well as the LINK. We will review the group to make sure it is family friendly. All we ask is that you allow us to join your group so that we may tell your members about the project.



CraftersAmongUs - This is a group of Christian crafters who enjoy chatting about all kinds of crafts. If you sew, quilt, machine embroidery, wood work, paper craft, stampin, knit, crochet, cross stitch and just about anything else you can think of then this is the group for you!! We also have off topic chatter as well and sometimes we have group bible studies. The membership is over 1000 members strong and we would love for you to join us.
DollClothes4Sale - A great group that is still getting off the ground. If you sew or do crafts and make doll clothes, then this is the group for you!! We love to see what everyone is selling!!
SewFree - Super group of over 1400 members. Our group is for buying and selling craft/sewing supplies. Have a lot of stash you need to clean out? Looking for crafty bargins? Most of the members sell direcly to list members, though some do have websites. There are many many bargins to be found for both buyers and sellers. We also are an off topic group as well with christian bible studies, ect.


Image generously donated by Sweet Creations


Freebebear1 - This is a great group of folks who love to find freebies on the internet. You can also sell your items for sale. We love to see doll and sewing items!! If you like grocery coupons, you are welcome to trade those here too! Some of our members post contests and sweepstakes as well. Please join us!
Living Like Daniel - A Christian group for women and men who want to better their lives through health, nutrition, encouragement, prayer, support, family activites and living for Christ. We often will have bible studies and discuss a whole variety of things. A lot of our members are trying to lose weight so we are really going to be challenged during the holidays!
JustLikeHomeCookingnDealz - Come join the best and friendliest group of family on the internet! This is where I will archive all my family's recipes, and submit the ones I have come across and tested. Rarely will there be a recipe posted here that you can't just go into the kitchen, and using the supplies from your pantry, whip up in a jiffy! Everyone shares what we have for dinner - along with recipes, tried and true, we have come across over the years. If you are not a cook when you join, you soon will be!


Image generously donated by BFC Creations


GBHollow Dolls - This group is for fans of the wonderful new Ginger Brook Hollow Dolls that were created by Cheri Maude and Rod Davies. These are darling 17" articulated all vinyl dolls with companion 8" dolls that will capture your heart.
Cityhomestead - City Homesteading was began as a list for people who had a homesteading heart but for one reason or another were not able to buy a huge plot of land in the country and set up a living. It is geared towards learning as well as living to homestead right where you are, right now.
oldtimechristianed - This group is designed for families to post messages of items for sale, swap, barter, trade, etc. E-bay listings are welcome!


Image generously donated by Heidi's Designs


QuiltFriendz - This group is a wonderful bunch of folks. They talk all things quilty and about so much more. They are a very loving and kind group of people and if you want to know about anything that has to do with quilting, then they are right there to help with lots of information. Every month there is a QUILT BINGO game that is played and it's lots of fun. They are hosted through smartgroups and have a great membership base!
Vikis Finds - This group is for doll lovers, fashion designers, OOAK artists, jewelers, shoemakers, reroot artists to advertise their sales and services.
We Love Himstedt - Welcome to WeLoveHimstedts, a group for collectors and admirers of the dolls created by Annette Himstedt. Grab a cup of your favorite drink, sit back, relax and join in the fun!


Image generously donated by Eva's Attic


Rose Cottage - This list is dedicated to all aspects of the art of computerized Machine Embroidery. But it is more than that. It is a place that people can gather and share stories, make friends and ask for advice even if it isn't related to Embroidery
sewcuteproducts4sellandfree - All types of Sewing and Embroidery Crafts for sell. Purses, Organizers, Free Standing Lace Designs, Coasters, Lace Labels, Book Marks, (Lace and Corner) Bible Covers, Sweat Shirts, Tee Shirts, All with Embroidery Designs, Baby Blankets, Bibs, Burp Cloths, You think it and we will try to make it.
Stuck On Embroidery - We love to Embroider and don't have enough time in the day to do all of our projects. Lots of links to embroidery sites and professionals to help you with all your embroidery questions.


Image generously donated by Georgia


HookedOnEmbroidery - This is a fun group to join, where we teach each other the trade, no matter what machine you have.
blueeyedmommascornerbooth - This group will be open to any and all crafters to sell their crafts. Please feel free to advertise your online stores here. You can also sell house hold items.
quilt-talk - this list is a quilting e-bee for quilters who want to share their quilting experiences, share in quilting swaps, quilt chatter, sharing and caring, family matters, and more.
Himstedt Heaven - Not a yahoogroup but an on-line website forum dedicated to Annette Himstedt dolls. This is a great group with several different forums. It has some of the best pictures of himstedt dolls on the internet.



Image generously donated by Carole O'Brien


ChristianArtisans - This is a chatty, group for Christians who believe ". . . unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." John 3:3. Our personal relationships with Jesus define our lives. We are also spinners, weavers, knitters, crocheters, fiber artists and/or sewers. We are here to fellowship, lift each other up in prayer and share our love of the fiber and sewing arts.
stitchinchat - Fun chat, New and Old Friends, all kinds of Stitching for machine embroidery and a little advertising.
himstedt - This is a mailing list for doll collectors to discuss their collections, stories, photos, etc. Specifically, this list will focus on dolls made by artist Annette Himstedt, but other dolls are also open for discussion.


Image generously donated by Shirley (Ladyhawk) of Himstedt Heaven


FabricFanaticsClub - Are you one of those fellow fabric fanatics that always seem to have more than you'll ever use? Then join us here! I am hoping to have this be a great resource for those who would like to buy,sell and trade fabrics with one another to complete that perfect project or make the ultimate fashion for dolls or other little ones!
SellYourDolls - This group is for selling dolls or doll related items (shoes,clothing,etc) of any size shape or type! Fashion dolls, baby dolls, collector dolls-you name it!
heidisdesigns - Group to showcase heidi's embroidery designs. She posts new sets and freebies for group members.
OurSpecialAngels - This is a yahoo group for those who wold like to help other less fortunate. The group is called Our Special Angels and has a two areas of emphasis. To help those who are challenged with disabilities to experience the art of crafting and learn new skills on their way to independence. These angels are challanged by issues such as Autism, developmental delay, cerebral palsy, deafness, blindness among others.


Image generously donated by

Dolls by Altona


fabricscrappers - I love fabric and I love sewing. I hope that you will join me and together we can share project ideas and tips for using our scraps. Embroidery, sewing, quilting...if you can do it with scraps, anything goes.
I LUV DOLLS - This group is for those who want to discuss dolls and have fun, post items for sale, do dioramas and such.
BettyBuys - Group buys and special purchases for sewing and crafts.
TheNewQuiltingClub - We are a diverse group of people with a common bond of quilting. We have many activites going on in our club that reflect our diversity. We hope that you will find some activites that interest you.


Image generously donated by Dolls By Passion

TXhoopers - Discussions can be any craft you like, getting to know each other and just all around having fun. Please be warned, we do generate alot of email! We are a very chatty bunch.


kindredfriends - This is a group for girls who share a love for dolls such as the American Girls, Magic Attic Club, Corolle Les Cheries, Gotz, Madeline, Mattel Kelly &friends
1stForQuiltSwapping - We are a group of Christian quilters who swap blocks and fabric, fellowship, jokes, recipes and a great time. We quilt and encourage each other in Christ. We are always looking for hostesses, so join and post your swaps here.
Help Me Learn Templates - Want to learn to make those awsome templates you see on Ebay? Want to gain basic knowlege of html? You have come to the right place! We are a bunch of fun lov'in people who come from all diffrent types of knowelge base (or lack of) who have joined together to learn to make templates.


Image generously donated by Tracy of SewManyDreams


beginnersboutique - This is for those who would like learn and share their ideas on boutique clothing. It is for the beginner or the experienced that would like to share their knowledge.
pumpkinpatchworks - We are here to offer you the BEST prices on all your quilting fabrics and more! We offer wholesale prices on fabrics such as Timeless Treasures, SSI (South Seas Imports), KP Kids, Robert Kaufman, MODA, Malden Mills Fleece and Brocades, just to name a few. We will run our coops every month, closing on the 15th and offer different varieties with each coop.
BhectmsCouponTrading - A group for anyone to join that enjoys meeting people and clipping and trading coupons, Box Tops, UPC's and etc.


Image generously donated by Claudia of Fashion


TheFreeShoppe - Welcome To TheFreeShoppe....Here You Will Find Bargains, Freebies, Sweeps , Reward Programs, E-Bay Listings, Coupons & More
Tyme2Stitch - This group is all about Tyme 2 Stitch Embroidery Designs. These are awsome designs by a very talented Designer. She hand draws all her designs and then digitizes them.
Hitty4everyone - This group welcomes all who love Hitty. We can discuss Hittys. We can have swaps. We can talk about what we want including God, family. The only thing I ask is never write anything to the group that you would not want wrote about yourself. We are a group that prays and encourages each other.


Image generously donated by Machine Embroidery Designs by Sonia Showalter

CafeUSA - This is a place of friendship. We will only tolerate kind words and designer spamming here. So enjoy, show your designs, and let's all stand behind each other.
AuntyBsPlace - We're folks (like you!) who gather together to learn & share helpful advice & tips on subjects like gardening & growing, saving & starting seeds, attracting wildlife, cooking & preserving, crafty projects for our families, homes & gardens, homemade household and beauty products, frugal time & money saving tips, & a whole lot more!
faithcrafters - A Christian list of soap & candlemakers, as well as other craftmakers. ><> Jesus is Lord! <>< If you are a Christian soaper, candlemaker, toiletries maker or you make other crafts like Basketry, cooking, Rubber Stamping, Sewing Ceramics or other crafts, or even Homeschooling, this is the list for you.


Image generously donated by Jodi from WeLoveHimstedt


CountedCrossStitch - Join stitchers from around the world in friendly conversation covering every aspect of counted cross stitch and related needlework.
countrygirlsgarden - welcome to countrygirlsgarden,where the members are friendly,the gardens beautiful,the weather is nice and the chatter is pleasant. we are a fun bunch that love to share our gardens,recipes,pictures,arts&crafts and our families too.
Cindys Craft Fair - This group is to sell,buy and trade your craft items or handmade items online without hassle and with out the expense/cost of advertising.
toomanyromances - Great group if you like to buy and sell romance novels.



Image generously donated by Chris Forar


quiltsbykos - This is a discussion group for anyone who wants to chat about quilting. It is also the announcement list for Quilts by Kos patterns.
dollikinfriends - Welcome to our warm, chatty group for anyone interested in Dollikin Dolls. Dollikins are 20 inch Fashion Dolls made by the Uneeda Doll Co. from about 1957 until 1962.
FashionDollClothesForSale - This group was created for all internet designers and seamstresses who sew AND sell outfits/ensembles for the 1950's - 2002 Fashion Dolls. Please feel free to post ALL your auctions, or private sales here.


Image generously donated by Leah


SweetSensationsEmbroidery - Sweet Sensations Machine Embroidery List hopes to keep a friendly atmosphere, where everyone may talk about machines they have and its software. If you have a site you are welcome to let us know when you have new designs to offer.
EmbroideryShowcase - Our list is dedicated to all home embroidery machine owners using all models. This list is a place where you can ask and learn. all brands and formats of embroidery machines and software are welcome. Feel free to post your hints, tips, advice, project ideas, etc.
Futuras - Futura 100 and 200 group, to learn how to use our machine to its fullest, both sewing and embroidery.On and off topics accepted, no flaming, no sharing of designs accepted.


Image generously donated by Georgia


Country At Heart - This group is for Christian women who are 'Country at heart' desiring fellowship and friendship with others who are like minded~ We will share about our families, children, grandchildren and our love of God.
Countrykeepers - This group is for born again, Christian women desiring fellowship and friendship with others who: Seek God first in their lives, embrace their roles as helpmeets, mothers and grandmothers, as wells as their role in the nurturing and keeping of the home.
CountryTradinPost - You can buy, sell, trade, swap or barter until your little heart is content... Items may include gently used items, goods, services, nothing illegal.. Maybe you are looking for a certain homeschooling curriculum, or you have crafts or gift items to offer... Whatever it is... feel free to post it here.


Image generously donated by Dolls by Passion


fdcrochet - This group for discussing and sharing pictures of your latest fashion doll projects. We will also be doing fashion doll related crochet-a-longs. Discussion of all types of fashion dolls welcome!
Kellyfashiondollcrochet - This is a group for all of us Kelly lovers. You must be an active member of the group with at least 1 email a week.
CrochetFashionsforDolls - This is a group to share your latest creations for Barbie,Stacie, Kelly, Ken, the Tonner Dolls and any other doll. We will possibly have Monthly patterns if the group has enough participation.


Image generously donated by Claudia of Fashion


Applique and CrazyQuilters - A group of quilters that love to combine applique and crazy quilting and have fun with it. Maybe throw in some swaps and trades.
Crafting Bargins - This is group for the buying and selling of craft supplies. If you have extras, or you don't do the craft anymore and need to sell what you have leftover, then this is the group for you.
Needle Work Bargins - If you are looking for good needlework bargains in cross-stitch, needlepoint, plastic canvas, embroidery, crochet, knitting, etc., this is the group for you.
TrueArtEmbroidery - This group was created for those who are interested in Sonia Showalter designs and would like to be notified of new releases or specials.


Image generously donated by Kris


Pattern Bargins - This is for sewing, quilting, crochet, knitting, crafting, etc., and is for advertising for a pattern, magazine, or book that you want, and/or listing your patterns, magazines, and books that you no longer need.
Taylor_County_WV_Buy-Sell_Group - A place for those in the Taylor County, WV area to be able to buy, sell, and trade items with each other. All those in surrounding counties, southern PA, Western MD, and southeastern OH are welcome.
Threetreats - Why shouldn't the best thing come in threes. Here you can have three times as much fun as the rest and it won't cost you a dime.
vintagewhitefrsewingmachines - If you have one of the wonderful vintage WHITE Sewing Machines, treadle, or electric, and want to learn more/get help with it, or just brag on it then you are in the right place.
Friends_Freebies - The place for those who love Finding and Sharing Freebies and Deals with Friends. Hints, Tips, Frugal Living, Recipes, Sweeps and Chat are all welcomed.

Image generously donated by Stitch This Designs


AMAZINGSALES - We are here to offer advice, support and help!! Show us the auctions that you have available, and let us know when they are ending.
Please ask questions, offer advice, and tell us about yourself.

SellinBuyinMadeEasy - This is a group to sell or buy your goods without limitations of listings per day - or selection of specific days - so, list away all your goodies!
Arts-Crafts-Overstock - An artistic community for those in creative arts and crafts who would like to buy, sell and trade excess finished items and supplies.
Shamrockbooks_Buy_Sell_Trade_Chat - This group is for listing books for sale, listing links to books you may have on auction. Listing your books for trade and your book wish lists. You may also post any book related web addresses you may think would be good to pass on to the group.


Image generously donated by GoodieByGail


CraftyClassifieds - This is a group where you can post all of your crafts which you can sell,trade or buy.
Crafts N Such 2 - This group is for handmade items as well as craft/hobby supplies.This group you may post EBAY items for sale.... This group you can post once a day, and can post the same ad
BuyAndSellEverything - This group is for everyone to post sales and auctions of their merchandise. For those of you looking for something specific, post a want ad. You may also announce your website address here.
bookstorejunkies - We are a friendly community of readers who try to locate each others' want lists of *fiction* books (primarily Romance, Mystery, SF Fantasy Paperbacks) when we go to the used bookstores ourselves.
Sell-it-Here2 - This Group Is For Items To Be Sold Or Bought By Others.
Ebay_and_More - an ebay group for those that ebay... Buy, sell, or chat... Post your ebay links.... check out others ebay links.... or chat about ebay and non ebay topics
Craftyideas - Crafty Ideas is a place to share your craft ideas, trade materials and you can even sell your crafts here too
DentonOnlineClassifieds - If you are looking to sell items, buy items, looking to fill a job position, advertise that you can do a specific job etc this is the place for your ad !!! You can advertise to get your home business started, help out your already established business too
DentonPlantSwap - Do you have too many plants? Maybe they are taking over areas you didn't want them in, maybe you are just tired of taking care of them, or just want some new ones !!! This is the place to do that.
TheBirthday-HolidayClub - This group is designed to be a FREE service for you to sign up your child or teen so they can receive-and exchange (send) birthday cards, holiday cards, and the "special-days" cards they should get once in awhile for doing something great, like good grades, etc. The holidays are Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Easter. But ESPECIALLY their Birthday!


Image generously donated by Claudia of Fashion


BFC-Creations - Do you yearn to express yourself with unique, one of a kind jewelry, accessories, clothing or other items? Our group is designed to explore the unlimited possibilities of combining machine embroidery with other crafts.
HeadcoveringChristians - Fellowship for likeminded sisters in Christ who are born again believers in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. As there are several groups for Catholics, the focus of this group is for Protestants. Anabaptist, Reformed, Calvanistic, whatever, you are welcome. Our obedience to headcoverings as described in 1 Corinthians 11:2-6 is what brings us together.
KeeperSisters - This group is for Conservative, Reformed, Calvanistic, Anabaptist, Plain, Mennonite, Christian women (wide variety!{smile}) who are interested in the Proverbs 31 type living. Headcovering, grinding wheat, baking, weight loss through healthy eating, herbal healing, quilting, bible studies, homesteading and more.
embroiderit - I realize there are many groups, creating lots of emails. This group is primarily a notification group... I will let you know about free designs posted to the files section.


Image generously donated by Carole B'Brien


Modesty - A comfortable safe place for Christian women who are searching the Scriptures in regards to women dressing modestly, headcoverings, Keepers At Home, homeschooling, gardening, quiver full, simple living, herbal healing, healthy eating, women's roles, submission, headship, sewing, quilting, crocheting, knitting, canning, preserving foods
craftersonly - This is a group to buy, sell, trade, and offer gently used items that are craft related. It can be those who make them, those who want to buy them, those who sell them for someone else, those who sell supplies for crafters, or books for crafters.
bringbacksimplicity - Want to slow down and get out of the rat race, practice old time techniques of doing things,make soap,make old time crafts,milk a goat,raise chickens,rabbits,farm animals,living lightly,living a truly rich,satisfying life, kicking stress out,making a quilt.
KimmysJemstarFashions - This Group is to sell my custom made Jem and the Holograms fashion and doll's.One's from the show or that I have custom made.



Image generously donated by Stitch This Designs


HittyDollSales - This group is aimed at offering items for sale specifically for Hitty Doll and friends (including Raikes Hope Doll). This includes outfits,furniture,dolls,and anything related to Hitty-type dolls that are handmade or manufactured.
BarbieDollSales - This group is dedicated to those Barbie fanatics who must find *THE* Barbie fashion, shoes, vintage dolls, modern dolls, you name it! This is a sales group only and all Barbie fans, whether you're a Barbie collector of vintage or MOD, or a modern day silkstone collector, join and list items for sale here
AESales - This group is aimed at offering items for sale specifically for Ann Estelle and friends. This includes outfits,shoes,dolls,and anything related to Ann Estelle and Friends that are handmade or manufactured.
AlwaysRecycledcrafts - Have you ever started a craft and decided it was NOT what you wanted to do? This is the perfect place to recycle it. Do you have old craft books, patterns, (stuff) that your ready to trade in for different ones? Post a message of what you have, and if your looking to trade, maybe someone here has it.
Dog_Lovers_United - This is a place for anyone who has a Wonderful dog, pure bred, or mixed breed. This group is open to discuss anything dog related. This group is for dog people all over, come on in and tell your wonderful dog stories, share photos, give, and get tips.


Image generously donated by GoodiesByGail


GreatGrandmasCookbook - This group is for the posting of some of the old but not forgotten recipes of yesteryears and maybe a few new ones we have created or recreated along the way. All recipes must be from scratch and not come from boxes or cans unless they are old recipes from boxes and cans.
HowSweetItIs - This group is for the making of eatable and non-eatable and other things you can make and give as gifts to those you love.
thehomeschoolmomof2booklist - A place to come and sell, trade, and buy used homeschool materials.There will be no spamming or flaming.
All homeschool related materials are welcome.

SmilingStitches - Cynthia, Dawn and I thank you for joining our embroidery and slightly OT (please no politics or religion) group.
SewingWAHMS - This group will be geared to Moms that like to sew and want to sell their things and also to those WAHMS that want a place to market their things for sale. This group is Christian based and will only allow family friendly things on it.
ThreadsGalore - This group is a place where you can show off your embroidery and/or quilting skills, share great websites, upload embroidery designs that you have digitized, and ask for quilting/ embroidery help.
ADIES_EYES - A group for those diagnosed with Adie's Tonic Pupil Syndrome. All conversations are welcome , do not have to always pertain to Adie's.
TruckersUnited - A group for all truckers who need a place to share , complain , gripe etc. And a place where all the loved ones of truckers can meet and share and gripe as well. It is based on the life of a trucker and their families. But is not limited to conversations of trucking only. And if you are considering getting a CDL , what better place to learn about this lifestyle !
BuySellTradeAndEbay - Hello fellow eBayers and auction goers ! If you have auctions you need help advertising this is the place to go ! If you are looking for something take a peek ! Someone might just have what you want or need here. Even if you do not have auctions on eBay, Yahoo, BidVille you can still advertise here
Embroidery-Australia - this group is for hand embroiderers from all over the world with the thought of encouraging embroidery in Australia. We are here to share our embroidery experiences with others. We are also here to share other experiences as well. Off topic chatter is accepted.
rileydollsales - This group is for listing for sale items specifically for Riley Kish and other Kish dolls. This includes all clothing that is handmade or manufactured, all accessories, and the dolls.
ginnydollsales - Welcome to Ginny Doll Sales group. This group is for the advertising of sales for modern and vintage Ginny clothing, any accessories, and dolls. This group is for sales only. No discusion posts.
enchanted_paintings_n_crafts - If you are interested in any type of craft,decorative painting or rubber stamping we would love to have you join us. We hold swaps, play games, share friendships and share our love of all crafts. Won't you come join us!
Something4nothing - This is a list for people who love to chat about *anything* from frugal living ideas to life in general.

DougNDinksDelights - This list is for anyone who loves to both receive and exchange recipes from people all over the world. . Recipes range from normal everyday stuff to recipes of foods from around the world and from easy and simple to gourmet. List member contributions are welcome as well but not mandatory.




Listed below are just some random websites that I think are pretty neat. Feel free to visit any of them.


Really Cool Christian Graphics - This site has got a ton of really neat, FREE, christian graphics that you can use for your websites.
FloodGate - This is a great Contemporary Christian band out of Alabama. I found their site by accident one day but visited it and listened to a few of the songs on their site. They are VERY good! They are a young band so check them out and give them your support.
SermonAudio.com - This is a great site if you like to listen to sermons on the computer. They have got bunches of different pastors that you can listen to while on the computer.
Oneplace.Com - Another SUPER website where you can listen to sermons from a wide variety of pastors. I visit this site a lot!
Calvary Community Church - Website for the Calvery church out in Arizona. I have listened to Pastor Marks sermons many times and he is probably one of my favorites. There is a link on his site where you can listen to his sermons. We also share the same name which I thought was kinda neat. :o)
In His Image Graphics - Neat little site that has a lot of christian graphic sets, ect for webpages.
The Family Homested - Just a neat little site for those of you who like country stuff or homesteading. She has some great tips and a lot of neat recipes.
The Frugal HomeMaker - Pretty neat site with lots of ideas and tips on being a frugal homemaker. Lots of recipes and neat ideas.
JS Magic Graphics - This site has TONS of really good graphics of all kinds. I used a couple of theirs on this site. Visit them if you get a chance.



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